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Posted on: February 4th, 2019 by
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The unfolding tragedy in Queensland dominated our top news stories this week.


Across the country and around the world, the unprecedented deluge which began in the state’s north and unfolded further south captured the attention of our readers.

In terms of traffic heading to the SBS news site, it was the biggest week for some time; at least since the election.

Far and away the highest ranking page of the week was our Queensland flood map, with readers flocking to the page for flood updates, links and user-generated photos across the state.

When two people were reported dead in Toowoomba on Monday, you wanted to know more. Sadly, the death toll would climb as the week wore on.

Shocking amateur footage captured the drama in Toowoomba and surrounding areas, and this was our third most clicked article of the week.

As the capital of Queensland began to go under, ‘Brisbane braces for massive flood’ became increasingly popular, followed in the top ten by a list of useful resources.

When the city was evacuated, a surge in traffic saw this article shoot up the rankings, ending up in number six. For many urban-dwellers – journalists and otherwise – the shock of a major Australian city being submerged brought the flood drama home.

Julian Assange will take little comfort from the fact that his story was the one other which seemingly captured the attentions of his countrypeople – not least, perhaps, with his home state partially submerged.

His lawyers were arguing that he could face the death penalty if he ever ends up in US hands.

This satellite image of the Queensland floods was the ninth-most popular article of the week, with the number of retweets on Twitter it received testament to the fact that nothing tells a story like pictures do.

Many people wanted to know how they can help, and an article on the topic made it into number nine of the top ten.

Finally, these stunnig satellite images from the University of New South Wales showing the extent of the flooding around Rockhampton immediately gained traction early in the week.

And in case you were wondering what else happened in the world this week, there were a few major international stories – six people were killed when a gunman went on the rampage in Arizona leaving a Senator on life support.

Hezbollah toppled the government in Lebanon when it withdrew ministers from the cabinet, amid massive flooding in Brazil which left, at the time of writing, around 500 people dead.

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